Happy Tails

We love seeing our HOV Alum in their new families! Hover over the photos below to learn more about our adopted dogs and cats. Submit your own Happy Tail by following the link below.


Adopted 2022

Mochi is a people cat and cannot stand being without people . She is a big bundle of joy that can play fetch. She’s very talkative and loves to cuddle.



Adopted 2019

Penny came home from the shelter with me 4 years ago shortly after we lost our cat Harley to FIP shortly after her 1st birthday. Penny, known to the shelter as Candy at the time, was barely out of kittenhood herself, and had had a litter of kittens not too long before she came to the shelter. She healed something in me that broke when we lost Harley, our cat who passed. Every night Penny cuddles me close and demands attention as she nestles into my arms under the covers. She’s given me peace and comfort. She’s even gone to Oregon and back with me and I would go to the ends of the earth for her. Her days are spent dozing in her heated bed, begging for treats, and breathing her nasty breath right in my face at night, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.



Adopted 2023

We chose to adopt from the HOV because of care and compassion the animals receive there. Mufasa originally known to HOV staff as Mimosa is full of love and chattiness to his new forever family. Moofie is now the perfect cat to take on our spicy kitten at home and they have grown to love each other in a very short amount of time. For such a large boy his heart is even bigger and we are so excited to have him in our family.

Katie & Grant


Adopted 2023

From the second I met Bronx, I knew he was a very special boy. Little did I know, he was about to make a massive impact on my life!
Bronx is so full of love and joy and he spreads that to anyone who is so fortunate to meet him. His big heart and love for love radiate from his sweet soul. I am so in love with my Bronxy boy and I can’t wait to fill his years with so much love and happiness. He truly is the most special boy. I can’t thank HOV enough for being such a wonderful and caring organization and taking such great care of my boy before he was MY boy!



Adopted 2023

Braccan and I met each other at exactly the right time and I am so grateful. I was heartbroken about the loss of my previous cat, and came to HOTV looking for the purrfect match. They did not disappoint. He is an angel and I swear our souls compliment each other exactly. He knows just what I need.



Adopted 2023

Ash is the best dog I could have asked for he settled in perfectly, he is so smart, so funny, well trained and a huge cuddle bug! He loves to lay on pillows and stuffed animals and could play fetch all day long! He has super unique eyes and some people recognize him which is great because he loves to meet new people!



Adopted 2019

Cricket is the coolest cat I’ve ever met. I adopted him at age one, and he’s about five now. He loves all people, gets along great with dogs, and brings my girlfriend and I endless laughter and love. He’s happy, healthy, funny, loved, and so very vocal. Cricket makes every day better, and I’m so lucky to have found a cat like him.



Adopted 2021

Winston has been the best friend a girl could have! He has been such a good partner and crime and adventure bud. His hobbies include hiking, barking at squirrels, playing with his cat sister Natalie, and eating lots of treats! So grateful for HOV for bringing my best friend into my life!



Adopted 2023

Rosie is the sweetest girl! From the moment we saw her at HOV we knew she was meant to be in our lives. We quickly learned that she loves French fries and car rides, but most importantly cuddles! It didn’t take long for her to find her favorite spot on the couch for naps. Our personal space has become her personal space and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Emma & JC


Adopted 2023

We love this girl with all our hearts and knew the moment we met her we had to take her home. She loves soaking up the sun in the windows, is constantly purring, and always wants to snuggle up in our laps. She and our cat, Dakota, have become best friends. They snuggle, play, and cause a ruckus together. She is a happy little lady, and we couldn’t be more blessed to have her join our family. Thank you HOV!!!



Adopted 2022

Mach is a fun-loving gsd/pit bull mix. He was 1.5yrs when I got him and he has been fun to bond with, lots of fun to train and a goofy good time. He loves snow but he loves water the absolute most. He is a leggy, yowly inquisitor with an extra toe and a very fast runner. He loves to showboat balls and marrow bones and to “help” with any task around the house. He is very loved and I am happy he found his way to me.



Adopted 2023

Tux (AKA Tuck) is the perfect addition to our family. He’s the perfect amount of cuddly, cute and playful. We love taking him on road trips, to the dog park and my favorite part of the day is taking him on morning walks.
We chose to adopt from HOV mainly because you’re local to us and once we met Tux we knew he was our dog.



Adopted 2023

This is Alice! Moving to a city 2,000 miles away from my friends and family (and my parents’ cats…) was really hard for me, and after three months I finally caved and adopted a kitty of my own. I’ve only had her for a few weeks, but we’re best friends already! She helps me stay on schedule by sitting on my chest to wake me up in the morning, and I help her keep in tiptop shape by tossing around her favorite ball. She even caught the pesky mouse that’s been plaguing me ever since I moved in! I couldn’t ask for a better roommate.



Adopted 2023

Remi (used to be Ruger) has moved up to Alaska! Remi enjoys playing with his new sisters Bailey and Roxy. He fits right in with the pack. Remi enjoys going on runs in the mountains, finding the biggest sticks, romping around the backyard, and snuggling on the couch. His favorite treat is ice cubes!

Kristen & Brianna


Adopted 2022

I have been wanting to bring another pet into my home for a long time. My first dog needed a companion/sibling. After his 6th birthday I decided to add to our family. My first snuggle with ‘Olaf’ my heart was taken. His droopy ears and sweet eyes had me sold. We brought ‘Olaf’ home to become our Ludo. He has enriched our lives and my two boys became fast friends. Ludo looks up (down now) at his older brother and has learned so much from him. Ludo brought a new joy to our lives and some much needed energy. I am so proud to say he is a shelter dog, Heart of the Valley gave my family the most amazing gift.



Adopted 2023

I adopted Mezcal just a few weeks ago and I am so in love! He is the sweetest cat and loves to be with people all the time. I seriously think that he thinks he’s a dog because he wage his tail when I come home, plays fetch, loves to be held, and follows me into every room! I’m so happy I adopted and I’m so excited to have a best friend!


Gus Gus

Adopted 2023

When I met Gus at the shelter, I fell in love and knew he had to come home with me. He’d spent the first 13 years of his life in one home, so it broke my heart to see him suddenly surrendered and living in the shelter. He quickly got himself situated in my apartment and is once again a happy old man who loves pets and cuddles as much as possible.



Adopted 2023

As soon as we saw Mollie we knew we wanted her. She needed a quiet home with no other pets, which fits us perfectly. She is so affectionate, loving and easy-going. HOV is the best!!



Adopted 2023

I think his name got misspelled it should be Low-key, cause he is the easiest, most chill and loveable dog we’ve ever had as part of our family. We are so happy to have Loki as part of the family. Thank you to HOV for your wonderful volunteers and staff.

Kelly S.


Adopted 2023

This is Fox, she is a very sweet and sensitive girl. When I first adopted her she was shy and skittish of men, now she loves meeting new people and going to Murdochs. She also loves her kitty sister, they truly are best friends! (Sometimes I think she’d rather be a cat herself)



Adopted 2022

I walked past the puppy room and there she was just about to lay down on her bed. We locked eyes and the I felt our connection. I didn’t even let her meet her brother or sister before I had to adopt her. The whole family fell in love with her in seconds. She’s got spunk and charisma but she mostly has happiness and love to share with all. Best camping, road tripping, hiking partner anyone could ask for! I’ve never had a dog give so much happiness and love to everything. She’s my world and I’m so happy she chose me.


Alice Rose

Adopted 2022

When I first met Alice, I felt an instant bond. She has brought a lot of joy into our home and our other kitties have welcomed her with open paws! We can’t imagine our life without this sweet affectionate girl.

Bianca S.


Adopted 2023

Oliver (formerly Ollie) had a previous history of being very shy and scared. We have only had him a couple weeks and he’s a totally changed kitty, he loves getting all the pets, playing with his toys during zoomies, and following us around! We love him and he’s in his forever home.

Rhonyah M.


Adopted 2016

Willow (formerly Butterfly) arrived at HOV with a litter of kittens. I love her colors. And she’s super affectionate and loves to sit on shoulders.

Sunni T.