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With a huge smile across her face – beaming with pride, love, and joy — it’s clear, Tanya, mother of three Heart of the Valley dogs, is head over heels in love with the latest four legged addition to her family.

Tanya and her husband, Brian, have been dog parents most of their lives and when Brian saw Bailey on the HOV website he was anxious to find out more about her. Tanya says that getting to meet an older dog gives her the opportunity to see what they will be like right away; after spending just a few minutes with them it can be clear if you are right for each other.

And Bailey, age 10, jumped, climbed and ran her way right into their family; she is full of energy and loves to climb anything in her path. Bailey joins Pepper, age 15 and Maddie, age 11. Pepper was adopted from HOV over 10 years ago, with medical conditions that needed special attention. “Not a concern for us”, says Tanya and Brian, they were sure it was a match after their first meeting. Pepper is now up to nearly 10 medications per day, but is still an active guy. Sweet Maddie has been with them for many years and is always checking to see what Mom and Dad are doing. “These three personalities have come together so well, they watch out for one another, they arrange themselves on the bed when I’m not feeling well, it’s a perfect match, it was meant to be,” says Tanya.

“There is nothing more heartwarming than coming home after a busy day and seeing three sets of eyes looking to you for love and a gentle hand, which makes it all worthwhile”, says Tanya. Adopting a dog or cat in their later years is rewarding as they make wonderful companions and need homes just as much as younger adoptees. If they could talk, we are sure Bailey, Pepper and Maddie would tell you that love has no age limit!

As an open admission shelter, Heart of the Valley accepts any dog or cat brought to the shelter and we work to help animals find their new families, no matter how long it takes. We help pet parents like Tanya and Brian meet their new best friend and then continue to support them with post-adoption resources. Last year, HOV found new homes for over 2,100 dogs and cats and we need your help to continue this lifesaving work! Thanks to generous supporters like you, Heart of the Valley will continue to connect pets with a loving home and a person or family that is just right for them. Please help improve the lives of homeless dogs and cats in the Gallatin and Madison valleys by making a contribution to HOV today.