Happy Tails

We love seeing our HOV Alum in their new families! Hover over the photos below to learn more about our adopted dogs and cats. Submit your own Happy Tail by following the link below.


Adopted 11/21/2021

Even though she has been very shy, a trip up to the mountains was exactly what she needed! She has really opened up since then! There are very many more trips in her future!

Anthony R.


Adopted 05/19/2021

Arnie is living proof that adopting a dog is the best way to go. He has such an amazing personality, almost human like. He loves car rides, skiing, snuggling and going through the garbage can when I’m not home. If you’re looking to get a dog and you are torn between adopting or not adopt, just do the right thing and adopt! I’ve found my new best friend.

Tommy S.


Adopted 11/25/2020

My friend Rue adopted my kitty when I had to give her up and move here from Maui. When I saw Roo (I changed to Rue) available for adoption I knew it was meant to be. She is very confident, adaptable, and extremely weird. And now a year old! Thank you HOV.

Alyssa H.


Adopted 10/12/2021

We adopted little Nobu when he tried to climb out of the cage to come with us when we tried to leave the 1st time, I convinced my fiance to let me get him and now he’s everyone’s best friend (especially my sons and my fiances dog). We have 2 dogs, another cat, 2 geckos, and a fish, he loves everyone to bits and takes laps to see them/play with them. He loves that my son will pick him up to cuddle with him and loves to play with him using his string toy. He LOVES to play fetch with his toy mice and is such a little cuddle bug. Definitely fit right in and made himself at home in less than an hour, I almost forgot what day we adopted him because it already feels like he’s been apart of our lives forever.

Madison D.


Adopted 10/21/2021

Search has been such a sweet and friendly cat, she’s a very good girl. She’s opened up since brining her home and loves to play with wands and get the zoomies at night. She is now named candy corn after her beautiful orange and white body and of course her white tipped tail! She’s been nothing but great at home and I’m so glad HOV took good care of her until she came home with me. She’s living a spoiled life now.

Sarah F.


Adopted 01/27/2021

Jackson is one amazing well behaved pup. He enjoys walks to the creek, running around in the park with the neighborhood dogs, lots of licks and he loves snow. We are about to celebrate his 1st birthday. So happy to have him in our lives. Thank you Heart of the Valley!

Aaron Y.


Adopted 09/01/2021

Laiya is the sweetest little addition to our family! Thank you HOV for nursing this sweet baby to health (found near the interstate) so we could adopt her into our home!

Alex K.


Adopted 08/24/2021

April is the sweetest girl we could have asked for. She loves car rides, snuggling, and being tucked in every night. We’re so glad she’s found her forever home.

Magda & Reed

Betty Jo

Adopted 09/11/2021

We’ve had so much fun offering Betty Jo a peaceful & loving retirement home. She had a wonderful first vet visit and first visit to the Gallatin Regional Park dog park using her new wagon. We really appreciate the area for puppies and smaller dogs there. She is showing us more and more of her personality.

Andrea H.

Honey Bear

Adopted 01/27/2021

Honey has been a joy to the household. She brings happiness and is just as sweet as they come. HOV does a wonderful job helping pets to find forever homes!

Kelsey W.


Adopted 03/21/2021

Bella has been such a special addition to our family! She is so cuddly, talkative, and friendly. All of our friends love coming over to see her since she has such a big personality (even if she will only sleep on pink blankets now). We are so glad that Heart of the Valley helped us pick out the perfect kitty!

Lyla & Ren


Adopted 07/21/2021

We are so happy to have adopted Maggie from the Heart of the Valley. Maggie is thriving in her new forever home. Maggie gives us so much joy and has the cutest personality. She makes us laugh everyday and continues to makes us so happy. Thank you HOV for taking care of her until we were able to bring her home.

Carol & Steve V.


Adopted 09/04/2021

We have been aching to add a puppy to our family we went to the shelter and instantly fell in love with her she is very smart sweet and quirky she has been a blessing to our family

Caitlin H.


Adopted 03/2013

Over the years, Bruiser became the most loyal, protective, smart, goofy, confident, talkative, loving and sweet boy. He filled our hearts with so much joy and love. Bruiser was an excellent travel partner and explorer, accompanying us on trips and moves from coast to coast. He was the best big brother to our kids and truly a member of the family for 8 1/2 years. We miss you buddy. RIP, run wild and free sweet boy.

Mark & Leah