Happy Tails

We love seeing our HOV Alum in their new families! Hover over the photos below to learn more about our adopted dogs and cats. Submit your own Happy Tail by following the link below.


Adopted 11/01/2019

Moe is such an amazing and unique dog! He was adopted at just a year old and had spent all of his life prior on the Fort Peck Reservation. When we got him he was nervous, skinny, and didn’t understand the concept of the indoors. Now he is obsessed with sleeping under the covers, lounging on couches, and being the sweetest boy. He is truly such a wonderful dog and we could not be happier to have adopted him.

Lisbeth O.


Adopted 09/10/2022

I fell in love with Toby from the second I saw him. We locked eyes and I knew instantly that he was meant to be part of my life. We saved each other and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect fur baby to call mine.



Adopted 09/24/2020

Jack came into our lives when we didn’t know we needed him! He has been an amazing part of our family. We wanted to adopt after having to put our sweet old man puppy Brody down

Ben & Stacie N.


Adopted 04/03/2022

Aurora is so sweet, she loves to cuddle/play with her sister Bella. She was very shy and scared at first, now she’s come out of her shell and is so sweet. We chose HOV because of your awesome reputation.

Kelly & Richard


Adopted 10/2022

Charlie is a loving, cuddly, goofy dude! He loves big cuddles with little kids and is the best gentle giant. He’s really good at being lazy… but is always ready to get outside for an adventure! Charlie has also shown us that old dogs can learn new tricks! As long as there’s treats involved, this old man is ready to learn any move we throw his way.

Sydney S.


Adopted 07/19/2020

Hello, I’m Duck! I’m happily living in my new home with my brother, Goose! I love car rides and food. Humans after food, of course.

Anne T.


Adopted 11/05/2022

I adopted Marlie 3 months ago and she has been the light of my life. She loves other big dogs and has actually done okay with cats! Though she’s a little scared. She loves cuddling and we are going to adventure to new places this summer! She loves adventures. She’s been my biggest blessing since I got her and I wouldn’t want any other dog. Everybody loves her!

Devyn Y.

Gus Gus

Adopted 02/12/2023

When I met Gus at the shelter, I fell in love and knew he had to come home with me. He’d spent the first 13 years of his life in one home, so it broke my heart to see him suddenly surrendered and living in the shelter. He quickly got himself situated in my apartment and is once again a happy old man who loves pets and cuddles as much as possible.

Makayla D.


Adopted 07/16/2022

Jyugo, originally Sparky, is such a sweet boy. He lives with his three kitty brothers and loves zooming around the dog park!

Maddee M.

Bueno Nino

Adopted 01/06/2023

Bueno Niño is cozying up in his new home! He’s shy but as soon as he’s in your arms he’s purring and making good kitty bread. He still lives being held and loves being pet all over.

Amelia P.


Adopted 12/27/2022

Spock is the sweetest bean. If you ever need a snuggle, he’s always on board, smile included. He has the biggest chatter box you’ve ever met and loves playing with his toys.

Megan D.


Adopted 01/10/2023

I fell in love with Freda when I first saw her back in November… Thank you so much for tuning her up, she brings so much joy into my home!

Annie K.

Joey & Beans

Adopted 10/23/2022

Joey and Beans were the last babies of their litter so we didn’t want to split them up but were also hesitant to be first time adopters of two kittens. Let me just say, best decision we’ve ever made! These two are so rambunctious but also so loving and just the sweetest. They are the best of friends and love playing with each other. Our lives are so much brighter with them in it!!

Marissa & Owen


Adopted 10/16/2022

Peach is a very loving and playful girl! She’s become part of the neighborhood watch (mostly deer) and loves to play with her fluffy mice. Most of all, she’s the best coworker!

Maddilynn G.


Adopted 12/2022

Cupcake was a shy, skittish baby when we met her. My daughter instantly fell in love with her and we took her home. She quickly became queen of the castle with a playfulness that matched the energy of our children! She’s sweet, gentle and very cuddly. She especially loves cuddling up with the boxer on the couch.

Jennifer S.


Adopted 07/03/2022

Steve is an amazing companion. He loves to cuddle, play with humans and his puppy sister. and even caught his first mouse! He has fast become an integral part of our family. We are grateful to HOV for helping connect us with our special friend.

Kirsten D.


Adopted 2022

Stella is working on self esteem and building her confidence. She’s super smart, sweet and silly! I’m confident she’ll be her best self by Spring!! Living her best life in Big Sky!

Sara S.


Adopted 09/18/2022

Linguini, our tabby, was the last of his litter at HOV. So, the very next day, we found another kitten close to his age and named him Frankie. The bonding has been effortless and joyful.

Angie K.


Adopted 09/16/2022

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Capone. He is a great cuddle buddy, a fierce protector, and an all around funny guy! I’m love him so much! So glad I found him at HOV!



Adopted 2022

This is my quarantine baby Khalifa. At first she lived as a typical house cat but she always seemed a bit adventurous so I started bringing her outside for walks. Then one day I held her while I skied down the driveway and it just took off from there. Now she travels with me absolutely everywhere and I recently got her a sibling from Heart of the Valley as well.