Happy Tails

We love seeing our HOV Alum in their new families! Hover over the photos below to learn more about our adopted dogs and cats. Submit your own Happy Tail by following the link below.


Adopted 01/29/2022

Teddy (formerly Kathmandu) has become an incredible companion in such a short time! He immediately took ownership of his new home and everything in it, including me. I have loved watching him thrive, and he even found his meow so he can announce when he needs extra attention. I feel so lucky to have him join my family!

Reilly T.

Gus Gus

Adopted 09/03/2021

Gus Gus formerly known as “doohickey” has settled in right at home these past 6 months. We have established a trust and bond that I’ve never experienced before. Adopting Gus has seriously made my life better. I’m so thankful for HOV helping me find my best friend!

Jessica Y.


Adopted 04/13/2022

Kona is the most perfect, heaven sent pup I could’ve ever hoped for! She is a cuddle bug and LOVES to give kisses. So lucky I get to give this girl a forever home.



Adopted 01/15/2022

Minxy is an amazing outgoing fun loving girl who loves to play with her pup brothers moose & Romeo! She fills our family with so much joy with her funny sassy attitude, minx runs to her name from any room and she is the sweetest cuddle bug and very vocal!

Joules L.


Adopted 05/26/2020

When Dozer was adopted he was a shy little dude that wasn’t super affectionate. He adapted quickly and 2 years later he’s a lovable bowling ball that loves every dog and person he meets, and even allows the occasion snuggle!

Amanda V.


Adopted 04/2020

Meet our first failed foster, Hagrid. “He’s a confident little man” Ben said as we had him in foster. And after only 2 weeks he had indeed won our hearts. He is older, but he is a joy and we plan to keep pampering him.

Theresa & Joe P.


Adopted 11/2019

Tito is the most special little guy! He loves to fetch toys and snuggle under our legs. Everyone who meets him falls in love with his sweet face and personality! Adopt, don’t shop! It’s worth it.

Renae G.


Adopted 04/22/2022

We got our little Oolong from heart of the valley and she has been the best addition to our family! She has really opened up to us and shown her exuberant personality, much different from the shy pup we took home from the shelter. She loves her best friend, Milo, and we couldn’t imagine our home without our little Ooie girl!

Tanner & Tyler G.

Colin & Miles

Adopted 12/14/2021

It took a little extra time because they were still a little wild, but Colin and Miles have completely integrated into our multi cat, one dog home. We have a pair 1 1/2 year old kittens that have completely taken the new guys under their paw. All four play play, groom each other, eat and sleep together. Sometimes the older cats and the dog even get into the act. Not only was the staff of HOV helpful the day of adoption, they followed up twice to ensure our little guys were settling into their forever home. Thank you for everything!

Addy H.


Adopted 01/02/2022

Denali was the missing part of our family we didn’t know we needed! We lost both our boxers last year to cancer and he has filled our house with so much love.

Tashea D.


Adopted 12/12/2021

Heart of the Valley staff was so patient and so kind and answered all of my questions, my little guy finally decided to go with Fog who had been surrendered back in Nov. Since then Fog and my little guy are inseparable, Fog loves to cuddle and follow my son around everywhere. Fog is so gentle and so sweet, he was the perfect fit for us. Fog is very well loved and spoiled, which he deserves.

Sharice A.


Adopted 09/2017

We got Bandit at 11 weeks old. He’s the sweetest, smartest, cuddliest and most gentle dog ever! We always say we hit the jackpot when we got him!

Colton C.


Adopted 04/15/2020

During the start of covid I was looking for a furry friend to add into my life and having grown up with a German Shepard I knew Lilly would be a great fit for me. Very shortly after being adopted Lilly came out of her shell and she is such a loving, playful, sweet, and incredibly loyal dog. I truly think I have found my furry soulmate. After finishing my courses at MSU we have moved to Oregon and we are beginning another adventure together.

Sarah R.


Adopted 010/09/2021

Cash has been the absolute best addition to my life. He always has the biggest smile on his face and can make anyone’s day better. HOV is an awesome place to work with and I wouldn’t trade adopting a pup for the world!

Josie K.


Adopted 010/09/2021

Hubble is doing great in his new home! He is learning how to do so many tricks as well as how to relax! He loves fetch and observing the cats from a distance. He is just the best little man.

Lillian K.


Adopted 12/18/2021

We came to HOV for a different kitten but fell in love with this little cutie, Nala came home with us forever that day. She was the perfect addition to our family!! Within a week she was a part of the pack with our two dogs and cat, she holds her own around here. Thanks HOV!!

Elora V.


Adopted 11/21/2021

Even though she has been very shy, a trip up to the mountains was exactly what she needed! She has really opened up since then! There are very many more trips in her future!

Anthony R.


Adopted 05/19/2021

Arnie is living proof that adopting a dog is the best way to go. He has such an amazing personality, almost human like. He loves car rides, skiing, snuggling and going through the garbage can when I’m not home. If you’re looking to get a dog and you are torn between adopting or not adopt, just do the right thing and adopt! I’ve found my new best friend.

Tommy S.


Adopted 09/25/2021

When I adopted cash he was very shy and timid. I was told he was a stray dog before coming to HOV Cash was very skiddish and sometimes aggressive towards other dogs. But since adopting him he’s come out of his shell to be the very playful, cuddly and loving dog he is. He loves playing with others and cannot wait to go to on hikes or to the dog park. Cash is constantly surrounded by people who love him and he is the bestest boy ever.

Rashylle M.


Adopted 07/2020

Angelo, now dubbed Jello-dog, has settled into his new home, with his adopted brother Oakley. Jello enjoys warm things and spinning and chasing his tail when he is excited. Thank you HOV for bringing us together!

Abigail V.