Happy Tails

We love seeing our HOV Alum in their new families! Hover over the photos below to learn more about our adopted dogs and cats. Submit your own Happy Tail by following the link below.


Adopted 05/22/2020

Kenobi (formerly Toby) has been a complete joy for me! He’s almost 4 and he loves to learn tricks, fetch, hide and seek, hike, and occasionally swim! He makes friends with every person he sees on our daily walks and is especially good with kids. Heart of the Valley made the process so easy to adopt and he’s truly come into his own since I’ve adopted him. I’m very lucky to have found him.

Jen M.


Adopted 02/15/2021

Ingrid is doing so well. She was very shy when I first met her and now she’s like a totally different dog. She has opened up completely to me and even misses me when I go to take the trash out for two minutes. She is starting to recognize her name and is learning to play with toys. Ingrid is the sweetest and most loving dog around! I’m so glad the HOV helped me find her and bring a new light into my life. She’s one happy puppy. 🙂

Autumn H.


Adopted 10/15/2013

7 years ago I adopted Marley (then known as Louie) from you wonderful shelter, and when I saw him it proved love at first sight does exist. I only met him that day, and as soon as I sat down with him I wasn’t even interested in seeing any other dog, I knew he was the one. Marley is my best friend, we have done so many incredible things together, and travelled all around the country together. He became a “Bark Ranger” with the Forestry Service, has acted on stage and films in Michigan, backpacked the Long Trail in Vermont, wrangled sheep and cows in Kentucky, swam in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, logged giant pine trees in Maine, dug in sand dunes in Utah, and explored caves in Alabama. Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him, and his constant smile.

Gabriel F.


Adopted 09/2019

I wanted a second dog to keep our first pup company and my husband did not. So he went camping and came home to Pgeorge. Pgeorge has such a goofy personality. He was so nervous and timid for a long time but has really warmed up and just wants to be loved and cuddled.



Adopted 07/06/2018

I like to say that Betsy chose us – when I first met her, she was the only one in her litter who sat quietly, tail wagging, patiently waiting for me to play with her. She has really turned out to be the greatest dog. She has a ton of personality and is constantly amusing us with her antics. She loves people and other dogs, and is best friends with our cat. She is obsessed with snow and she’s a great cross-country ski buddy; she’s also quite the swimmer and loves going to the lake in the summer. She is truly the best dog ever and I can’t imagine my life without her!

Sara & John


Adopted 2016

Jemma is the perfect dog!! She is now my medical alert service dog and went to college with me! She’s saved my life many times! I can’t imagine my life without her! We go on so many adventures together!



Adopted 12/30/2009

Our dog Stella has longed for a cat friend. Our older cat that passed away was never very loving to her. Ozzy is just the opposite! Ozzy is in love with Stella and has been the best Christmas present ever for our pup. Ozzy can be shy, but when Stella is around he is just fine.

Kim G.


Adopted 09/2016

Luna (formerly known as Meatloaf) has been the perfect fit for our family. We knew she was ours when our then 5-year-old daughter threw her over her shoulder and lugged her around at HOV. She takes the LONGEST naps, loves to cuddle on the couch, settles in to listen to our daughter read in bed almost every night, and holds her own with our big dog. She has lots of nicknames but Luna Tuna is our favorite!

St. Aubyn’s


Adopted 10/04/2020

We adopted Molly in October and it didn’t take long for her to steal our hearts! She loves the snow and could spend hours in it. Loves meeting up with her doggie friends and having play dates! She’s always ready for scratches and naps on the couch, and loves seeing her humans come home!

Kaylee & Tyler


Adopted 07/02/2019

Bathtub (previously known as Rum Tum Tuggers or Tubby Kitty) was 14 when we adopted her. Now, at 16, this sweet old lady is pampered beyond belief. She has always been so full of love, and even though she’s quite the diva, we love her to pieces. Thank you HOV!

Annika H.


Adopted 04/2020

Ada (formerly Dorothy) is the happiest dog I have ever met. She gets along with everyone and is always there to greet me when I come home from work. She loves to keep me company on hikes, bike rides, and long road trips. She is the best cuddle buddy and an especially squirmy little dog. Thanks HOV!

Katie R.

Eleanor & Martha

Adopted 12/18/2019

HOV is the best place to get your fur baby. These two are the best.

Denise & Joe S.


Adopted 12/29/2020

Our dog Stella has longed for a cat friend. Our older cat that passed away was never very loving to her. Ozzy is just the opposite! Ozzy is in love with Stella and has been the best Christmas present ever for our pup. Ozzy can be shy, but when Stella is around he is just fine.

April B.


Adopted 11/24/2020

His smile won me over – He’s a total sweetheart that’s full of spunk! His hobbies include zooming around, scouting for treats and trying to groom me when I kiss his head. 🙂 Nothing is cuter than his kitty kisses!

Amber P.


Adopted 7/25/2018

We adopted Cookie in 2018. She is such a happy smiley addition to our family. It has been so much fun to watch her open up like a little butterfly over the last couple of years and have her personality really shine. Love my old lady.

Talitha B.


Adopted 12/23/2020

He’s a magnificent German Shepard mix pup! So very laid back, incredibly affectionate, quick learner, good walker, loves riding in the car, sleeps through the night, housebroken, and simply wants to please and love.
Heart of the Valley Shelter…..we cannot imagine there is a better facility with better staff ANYWHERE. It is our hope they might allow us to volunteer there from time to time. It’s the very least we can do to give back.
We cannot thank you enough for providing a wonderful pup and an overall experience we will never forget.

Geoffry & Francine B.


Adopted 02/28/2018

When I met Uma at HOV she was definitely more interested in scanning for vermin in the play yard than meeting me. Uma had been in three homes already and being originally picked up as a stray, her first year of life is somewhat unknown. I fell in love with her “all business” personality and now we are going on three years together. Uma is one of the most smart, respectful dogs I’ve had the pleasure to know and is very affectionate now too. Her hugs will make you melt! Uma has made herself a fixture in our family and knows that grandma loves her the most because she makes her delicious treats. Understanding Uma’s personality and learning to trust each other has been rewarding and I couldn’t ask for a better loyal companion.



Adopted 08/2015

Hi my name is Ruckus! I found my home from Heart of the Valley to a house in Bozeman where my human lives and went to school. Since I was living in a college house it was only natural that I too, went to school, and go to school I did though not at the university but at Heart of the Valley. I majored in fetch with a minor in basic obedience going on to graduate with an honorable “good boy”. I keep myself busy keeping my human safe when we go skiing and mountain biking, and make an excellent heater during cozy but cold nights camping in the woods. I am so happy I found my loving home and family that spoils me rotten, when I’m a good boy.



Adopted 11/18/2020

After a few short weeks working at HOV, I came across Miss Poe and instantly new I would be taking her home. She gave me kisses and cuddles the first time I met her and I fell in love. I did foster to adopt with her for a few nights and she made herself right at home. She fit into my life perfectly and is the best companion I could ask for. She quickly became attached to me, as I did to her. She is a wonderful little girl with so much love to give and I am so grateful I can reciprocate that love to her.

Sophie B.


Adopted 10/27/2019

Billie has been the sweetest addition to our family! Adopting a senior dog has been the best experience. She adjusted quickly and easily to our home, and seeing her become more comfortable and affectionate over time has been incredibly rewarding. Billie loves walks, scratches behind her ears, and curling up in her bed in my home office while I work. Her sweet eyes were what caught our attention when we saw her at Heart of the Valley and we feel so thankful we found her! She brings so much joy into our home and we can’t imagine our lives without her.

Megan M.


Adopted 8/14/2020

Cosmo has been living life up in Minneapolis, he’s currently living in an apartment downtown and hates not having a yard. Thankfully we purchased a house and he’ll finally have his own yard!! He has two siblings who are cats, he’s excited for the day they decide to cuddle with him! He is our first puppy so we are SO happy we were able to adopt a Golden Retriever.

Emily H.


Adopted 2/10/2020

Tiffany (Tiff) loves playing with her older brother Dexter and cuddling with everyone! She’s just turned 1 and is a sweet, sassy little kitty that always speaks her mind. Tiff and Dexter adore each other and are happy as can be.



Adopted 2/14/2020

Maisel has been a complete joy for us! She’s now just over a year old and she loves to fetch, hike, and occasionally swim! Heart of the Valley made the process so easy to adopt and we hope to see some of her siblings around town!

Jack M.


Adopted 12/2018

One day I looked up the adoptable dog page and there was this beautiful girl with a big smile on her face, and I fell in love.. Freya (formerly Jane) is the happiest girl. From day one she has been a cuddle monster and over time her sassy side came out. She brings so much joy to us and her brother Loki. What a perfect match!

Erin & Tony

Willie Nelson & Winnie

Adopted 3/2017, 12/2018

We adopted Willie Nelson, previously known as Edward, from HOV in March of 2017. He was the start to our little family when we moved to Montana. He is properly named Willie Nelson, as he is the biggest goofball in the world. He loves lounging on the sofa, day dreaming in the backyard, and going on long hikes with mom! We realized how much he loved playing with other pups, so we made the decision to make an addition to our family and adopt Winnie from HOV too! Winnie brings life and laughter into our home with her constant happy energy. She loves to give her input when she feels she needs attention or when it’s time to play. Willie and Winnie are two peas in a pod. They love adventuring with mom and dad! They are truly soulmates, and we are forever grateful they have blessed our lives.

Alyssa & Colin


Adopted 3/22/2019

A year after loosing my dog, I was ready for a new companion. I started slowly looking, knowing that I was just waiting for the right one to come along. Then I saw her, and knew she was the one for me. I chose to adopt from HOV because I am privileged to know first hand how loving, caring and hardworking the staff there are. Belle is such a lover, always making sure I am ok. She loves to hike, play in the snow and cuddle.

Patty T.


Adopted 12/25/2017

I was fostering Mesa when she came to HOV with a litter of seven puppies from Wolf Point, MT. The first few days she was very timid and would hide under furniture, but after a couple weeks she really started to warm up and show her personality. I took her in as family then and have not regretted a second since then. She is such a sweet girl, and my best friend.

Mike U.


Adopted 04/19/2019

Daffodil is making strides everyday! Living with a fearful dog has taught me more about compassion and patience then I thought possible. While she still has a very long way to go, her trust in me and the process is astounding. She loves nose scratches and peanut butter pretzels!

Kate M.


Adopted 08/23/2020

We had been searching for a little dog for months and months when we saw Puddles photo. I still can’t believe we found the most vocal, sweetest little love. She is moving around so much better than when we first got her, she’s settled in so nicely, and is the goofiest gal. She is happy for EVERYTHING! I’ve never seen her tail stop moving. We also found out this Summer that she loves to eat flies and that was the most entertaining thing we’ve ever seen 🙂 We are so grateful for this cutie and the smiles she brings into our life.

Bridget & Peter


Adopted 02/2013

Manuka is my whole heart. I adopted her as a puppy from HOV. So far we have lived together in MT, WA, MA, and now CA! She is the best adventure buddy and the best cuddler. My life would not be the same without her! Forever grateful to HOV for introducing me to my best gal.

Isabel B.


Adopted 03/23/2018

Whiskey (formerly Blaze) is the best boy. He has become a hiking companion and loves playing with the garden hose during the summer months. We joke he is a bit of a princess but in the best of ways. Whiskey brings us nothing but smiles and we’re so happy when found him!

Jeff & Kyla


Adopted 0/11/2019

Tipsy aka Tips, Miss Hop Along, Miss T (and formerly Elise) has become the Queen of the house. She had a bit of a rough start when before getting to HOV. Her right leg was amputated right before we adopted her, around when she was 3 months old. But that doesn’t stop her from anything. She has so much personality is just a happy go lucky dog. She is constantly doing somersaults and playing with Whiskey all with her tongue sticking out. She loves exploring when we go camping. We are so happy to have found her. Her and Whiskey have become the best of buds. Thanks HOV!

Jeff & Kyla


Adopted 08/2019

What can I say? This little lady had me at woof. I’d been living in Bozeman for a year when I decided I needed an adventure pal. I heard some amazing things about the HOV shelter and how wonderful the staff is, so I decided to check it out. Luna has been my adventure pup ever since. She joins me in climbing, skiing, hiking, and more. She is the sweetest, most caring dog I’ve ever owned and I give that credit to HOV.

Kaylee E.


Adopted 4/17/2020

Odin was the biggest of 7 siblings, rightfully named Chonk. Now, he’s the younger brother to a rambunctious yellow lab and they always find new ways to keep each other entertained. He has one of the goofiest personalities I’ve ever met in a dog. Odin has been a great addition to my family and I can’t wait to see what adventures we discover next.

Kristin S.


Adopted Summer 2020

Griffey is the best puppy we could have hoped for! We adopted him over the summer after fostering him and a littermate for 2 weeks. At 5 months old now, he is very gentle, sweet and a great listener. He wants to be by our side at all times and loves coming to work every day, going for walks, and playing fetch. He also loves our other little dog and our two cats (who are slowly coming around). We are so thrilled to add him to our home and watch him grow!

Callie H.


Adopted 11/23/2019

Layla (used to be Polly) is an amazing dog! She knows all the tricks, is incredibly patient and loyal. She has made the best friend and family member we could ask for!



Adopted 2/27/2019

We lost our dog in 2017, and it was really tough. We decided our hearts were not ready to adopt quite yet, but we would foster dogs until then. We fostered dogs for over two years but when we fostered Acklin, he stole our hearts almost immediately. We were already his fourth home by the time he was just 11 weeks old, so we decided to make this one permanent. We love him dearly and could not imagine life without him. He adds so much joy, love, and happiness to our home. Thank you HOV!

Katie G.


Adopted 2/14/2020

I came across Otto (formerly Sean) and his siblings when they came in from the Hardin reservation shortly after I started working at HOV. I knew right away this spotted nose fluff ball was going to be mine! We fostered him and his sister the night before they went up for adoption and he instantly made him self at home with us. 1 year later and we still love him as much as we did that first night!

Kori M.


Adopted in 2016

Worf has been a constant by our side ever since! He goes to work with one of us every day and loves to sit on the desk and “supervise”. We’ve had countless adventures. He loves to bask in rivers and lakes in the summer, chase his ball down snowy paths, and makes friends everywhere he goes. Our two cats warmed up to him and all three are experts at sleeping in and snuggling on the couch. We are so thankful to have him in our lives!

Callie H.

Tater Tot

Adopted in 10/09/2020

We had been wanting to adopt a dog for a very long time before we found Tater (formerly Tootles). Though a bit cautious at first, he quickly warmed up to us and made himself at home. He is the perfect combination of active adventure pup, respectful work companion, and loyal snuggle bug. We’re so glad we found Tater at HOV.

Kym V.