The Story of Chuck

Here is the story of Chuck, adopted from Heart of the Valley in February: (formerly know as Zonkers)

Chuck is kind of a big deal. Everyone knows him and everyone loves him. And he loves to love. Kisses, snuggling, belly rubs…no one can resist this little cuddle bug. As a pittie, he is extremely intelligent and has a lot of personality. One person at a time, he is helping change the stereotype of pitties to those who have never had an interaction with these incredible dogs, but hear the media portrayal of a dog often abused and neglected.

I am so lucky to have such a great friend to go backcountry skiing, biking, hiking and paddleboarding with. He even plays a good golf caddy, boat captain and likes baths (okay maybe this is a stretch, but he does it non the less with little back talk). We made a drive back east to spend the summer with family and he made the 2600 miles like a champ. It is not often you will see me without him by my side. As the saying goes, I rescued him, but he really rescued me.

Jen and Chuck

ChuckLonePeak ChuckandJen Chuck

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