Heart of the Valley is guided by the following principles:

  1. All persons dealing with and served by the organization will, at all times, receive the highest level of service and respect.
  2. Heart of the Valley (HOV) shall accept all domestic companion animals presented to it. A donation may be solicited at the time of presentation but no surrender fee will be charged nor shall any stipulations or requirements be placed on the surrender.
  3. Any animal surrendered must be surrendered without conditions placed on its disposition. It will also be a policy of HOV to not disclose the disposition of individual animals to anyone outside of the organization.
  4. All animals coming into the possession of HOV shall undergo a health and behavioral evaluation. This evaluation information, along with any other available information on each animal, will be used to determine the animal’s needs and adoptability. Any animal deemed not adoptable due to severe behavioral or medical problems not likely to be resolved with reasonable medical or behavioral intervention will be euthanized.Every reasonable effort will be made to find a suitable home or placement for each adoptable animal. Animals with medical or behavioral problems that are treatable with reasonable effort and available resources will receive necessary care to improve their adoptability and place them in appropriate homes.
  5. No animal in the care of HOV shall be kept in overcrowded or unhealthy conditions. The board shall develop maximum capacity numbers for the shelter facility. All reasonable efforts will be made to place any animals beyond this capacity in other available facilities such as foster homes, cooperative shelters, with rescue organizations, etc.
  6. Guidelines for the care and treatment of all animals shall be established, including both medical care and behavioral training. All animals will receive the appropriate amount of human attention, with minimum standards for walking, playing, etc. to be established and adhered to. HOV is committed to maintaining a quality of life and essential degree of socialization and stimulation necessary to maintain or improve each animal’s adoptability. Staff will be expected to continuously observe the behavior and health of all animals in the facility ensuring the quality of each animal’s life during its stay. This necessitates enrichment and intervention for animals that struggle with stress of living in the shelter and can include behavior management training, socialization, walking, toys, changing caging and/or cage mates, etc. This will be the responsibility of all staff members.
  7. All staff shall be evaluated not less than annually against written job descriptions and pay grades. These evaluations shall include, but not be limited to, competency, training, safety, compliance to policies, customer service, and output.
  8. HOV will support efforts to limit pet overpopulation by spaying or neutering all animals that come into its possession and by supporting efforts to offer low cost spay/neuter services to the community it serves.
  9. The organization will conspicuously inform the community of its availability to assist animal owners in resolving behavioral, medical, or other problems or issues involving their animals thus decreasing the population of stray, unwanted, or surrendered animals in the community.
  10. The organization will at all times maintain accurate records of population statistics for the animals in its care. It will also maintain accurate, complete evaluation, medical, and training records for all animals in its care.
  11. HOV recognizes that volunteers are a critical component of its success and will recruit, work with, manage, educate, and involve volunteers as much as possible in the monitoring, care, and training of the animals in the organization’s care as well as in the outreach, education, and other programs to serve the public.
  12. Heart of the Valley does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise release information about its donors or customers.