Happy Tails Adoption Stories

“Mr. Boopers”

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt our kitty. He has the best life in the world. I only work out of the house 2 days per week and he is my constant companion. We go on walks together (in his kitty sling fashioned from a scarf) and he enjoys outings in the car. He’s never afraid of anything and didn’t take even 5 min to adjust to our home. He sits on command and loves to plays fetch (yes…a cat) and hide and seek. We love our new kitty (renamed Mr. Boobers) and we thank you so much for rescuing him so we can all enjoy each other forever.


Ellie is doing great and LOVES her older brother Ziggy (also an HOV alum!) They love to play, cuddle and go back to playing! She’s already getting used to her crate at night and sleeps with big brother right next to her making sure she’s safe! They’re such a joy! Thank you thank you!



Albie loves to go for walks at Snowfill Dog Park and Sourdough Trail, would play fetch all day every day if you let her, and has a collection of stuffed animal “babies” that she loves to show off and play with. She loves to high five, eat snow, get belly rubs and snuggles. She loves cookies, drinking tons of water, meeting new friends and being my best buddy. I’m able to bring her with me to work every day, and she loves interacting with customers in our shop. She is truly the sweetest dog, and I am so thankful to have her in my life!


I adopted Kimber, the 8-year-old German Shepherd in the summer. I wanted to check in and let you know how we are doing. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this gal in my life. We now live in Steamboat Springs Colorado and she’s loving it. We cross country ski together every other day and this summer we hiked and camped our weekends away. Thank you so much.


“Ira and Henrietta”

After less than a week with me they settled right in, taking over the house and my lap. They follow me around while I’m home and lay patiently by the door while I’m away. We had a scary bout of upper respiratory infections when they first got here but with meds and TLC they’ve begun to clear up. Their favorite hobbies include impeding housework by attacking the broom, watching Olympic trials, sniffing suspiciously at my cacti, and meowing in other rooms hoping I’ll come get them because walking is a bummer.

Thanks HOV for introducing me to such sweeties, couldn’t possibly love them more!


I love Syd because she is low key but always wants to be at your side, not to close though, she is a very independence woman and needs a few feet of space. I adopted her because she had a very sweet face, also when I went to go look at her I sat down in her kennel and she crawled into my lap then laid her head on my shoulder, after that moment I was done. The best part about Syd is that she is very quirky, she has very odd habits and has the most active and diverse ear positions I may have ever seen on a dog.