Heart of the Valley’s Mission

Our mission is to compassionately shelter the lost and surrendered pets of Gallatin and Madison Valleys,
and to enhance the lives of people and companion animals through pet adoption and education.

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Daffodil was a stray and had no physical wounds when she came to HOV, but she was the definition of an unsocialized dog. Daffodil was fearful, timid when approached, visibly nervous and anxious. She backed up in her kennel when anyone was near, even with food and treats.  The one bright spot was that she loved other dogs and was always happy to play with a new four legged friend.

Daffodil stood out right away. She is a beautiful dog and had many potential adopters, but nothing was working out. Once adopted, she tried to escape, could not be touched and was not responding to affection. Kate is the Evaluation and Enrichment Lead at HOV and she took a special interest in Daffodil. She started working with her while she was at the shelter, offering her food and sitting patiently with her for a few days, then offering more food and slowly sitting a little closer. Daffodil was going to need a special adopter. And, after much reflection it was clear that Kate had fallen in love with Daffodil and  took her home.

It’s been two and a half years and he journey for these best friends is continuing. There have been lessons  about boundaries, mutual respect and acceptance.  Daffodil has learned to trust Kate and now seeks out affection.  She loves riding in the car, sleeping on the bed with Kate, appreciating an occasional puppuccino and going on adventures with Kate and her dog friends.

Pet of the Week

NAME: Kansas

AGE: 4 Years Old


Meet Kansas! Kansas is a large 4 year old boy looking for his new home. He has lots of energy and loves to play with stuffies. He can be picky in what others pets he gets along with. Come meet this sweet boy today! We are open Tuesday through Sunday 11:30am to 5pm.

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter at 1549 East Cameron Bridge Road or call (406) 388-9399.