Planned Giving

TRUE LOVE Goes on and on

Your pets have given you a lifetime of love. In return, the perfect tribute to their devotion is a life-time gift to your community animal shelter.

Using our new Planned Giving program, you now have a powerful tool to make a longer-term statement of support for an organization that is close to your heart. Planned gifts can help you with effective tax reduction strategies while helping the shelter generate the resources needed to save lost and abandoned animals for years to come. Planned giving does not have to be complicated; it can be as simple as adding a bequest to the shelter in your will. Other options, such as charitable gift annuities, offer guaranteed income and substantial tax savings.

By combining charitable giving with your financial and estate planning you will create a personalized, lasting legacy. Whatever your personal goals or financial circumstances, you will enjoy the full tax benefits of collaborating with a qualified non-profit organization.



You can name Heart of the Valley in your will. You can specify a simple amount, a percentage of your estate, or what remains of your estate after you have provided for other beneficiaries. Your gift will be exempt from federal estate taxes.



In exchange for a gift of cash or securities, the shelter will offer quarterly fixed-income payments for life. You will reap tax benefits for a portion of the annuity. It’s a simple contract, so ask us about the details.



Using a “charitable lead trust,” you can pass assets to family members while making a gift to the shelter. Income goes to the shelter for a certain term (minimum 10 years) and at the terms end, the remaining assets pass to family members at a tax benefit to you. Using a “charitable remainder in trust,” in exchange for a gift placed in trust, the shelter offers regular payments based on a fixed percentage of the trust’s value. The gift offers lifetime income.



Naming the shelter as a beneficiary of your life insurance is another simple way to give. You can make a gift of the policy itself-and in this instance, the gift is the policy’s cash surrender value. Some donors have also made contributions in the form of retirement accounts.

We ask you to consider taking the next step, exploring planned giving opportunities with our Development Director.

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