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Ellie was only four months old and living on her own when she was rescued.  Without a home, she faced an uncertain future — no medical care, no protection from the elements, no steady food source.  And no one to love her!  Her future got brighter the moment she was brought to HOV.  She was adopted by one of our vet staff who quickly realized that Ellie’s gentle spirit might help other animals at the shelter.

Kari started bringing Ellie to work and it turned out she is a natural nursemaid!  She senses when a dog or cat is anxious or frightened and provides a calm presence, helping them to recover in the vet clinic. She worries over them, sometimes lying beside them in the kennel to comfort them as they wake from surgery.  According to Kari, “Ellie has always been an kind old soul, even as a puppy.  She gets excited to go to work and helps make everyone feel welcome in the clinic.  This work can get stressful and she has a calming effect on the staff as well as the animals”Once homeless herself, Ellie now goes to “work” each day, helping other homeless animals.

Ellie’s happy ending was made possible through our partnerships with other animal welfare groups who rescue from high risk areas of the state.  Thanks to a large number of willing adopters in our community, we have the opportunity to not only care for animals from this area but also find homes for animals from other parts of the state that might otherwise not have a chance at a new life.  This year, we partnered with nearly twenty shelters and rescue groups in Montana who transferred animals like Ellie to HOV so we can help ensure their future.  Thanks to our generous community, HOV has been able to increase the number of dog and cat transfers by 58% so far this year!

As the holidays approach, we have the opportunity to pause and reflect on our many blessings.  At the shelter, we are grateful for the opportunity to care for and find homes for thousands of animals each year.  We are grateful to serve as a community resource, reuniting lost pets with their grateful families, teaching children how to lovingly care for animals, providing special programs for military veterans and senior adults.  And we are grateful for the support of our donors – without you, this work would not be possible.

Thanks to you, bright futures like Ellie’s are possible! This holiday season, we are asking you to please consider a gift to help HOV continue our lifesaving work, caring for lost and homeless dogs and cats until they go home.